Over 100 years

110 Years and Counting

Emco Corporation began in 1906 as a small plumbing store in London, Ontario under the name Empire Manufacturing Company Limited. Today, Emco is the top choice for Canadian customers seeking plumbing, HVAC and refrigeration, waterworks, and industrial material. For more than a century, Emco has provided great service and value for its customers, and we’re committed to continuous improvement. We want to be the distributor of choice for our customers, teams and stakeholders.

Our Family

Over the years Emco has seen significant growth by acquiring existing businesses and opening new locations in untapped markets.  Today we have an extensive network of more than 200 profit centres, distribution warehouses and showrooms across Canada.  True to our decentralized philosophy, most of our acquired businesses continue to operate under their original names to maintain the local identity, people and practices that their customers have come to know and trust.  Our extended family includes:

  • Batimat
  • Bath and Kitchens Unlimited 
  • Ben Huot
  • Convex
  • Deluxair
  • Drolet Products
  • Electric Motor Service
  • Elements
  • EMCO Distribution
  • EMCO Fire Protection
  • EMCO Industrial
  • EMCO Offshore
  • EMCO Plumbing and Heating Supplies
  • EMCO Pros Du Depot
  • EMCO Retail Services
  • EMCO Waterworks
  • Ensuite
  • Frontier Mining
  • Gladding Sales
  • Heating Design Showcase by EMCO
  • Independent Supply Company
  • Julmar
  • McKeough Supply
  • McLennan Sales
  • Niagara Plumbing
  • Niagara Kitchen and Bath
  • Norwood Waterworks
  • Phoenix Industrial Supply
  • Rene Carle
  • Sandale Utility Products
  • Sumner Plumbing
  • Thalassa
  • TTL Pipe
  • Viau
  • Van-Kel Irrigation
  • Wamco
  • Wellhouse Supply
  • Western Supplies
  • Westlund
  • Westlund Tren-Dy Oil & Industrial Supplies
  • Westlund/Canadian West
  • Wholesale Heating
  • YK Plumbing and Heating Supplies